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'Painstaking attention to detail...'     David Royer

What makes Mojave different?  A Mojave microphone's journey begins and ends in Burbank, CA. US made Jensen transformers and NOS (new old stock) tubes are shipped offshore and mated to capsules and bodies, according to David Royer's design specifications, at a highly respected factory that David has worked with for over 15 years. All Mojave microphones are constructed with respect to David's unprecedented research and attention to electronic design and quality. After assembly, they are shipped back to Burbank for extensive QC inspections. Prior to packaging, every mic is burned in for 24 hours, tested and personally listened to by David.

Very few companies (and none in Mojave's price range) invest so much in the audio components. The high quality Jensen transformers alone, cost more than many import mics. The NOS tubes are military spec. The FET's are top quality and the resisters are custom made. At Mojave it's a given that no sacrifices are made in the critical signal path electronics.
This hybrid of domestic and overseas manufacturing allows us to make superb microphones that are affordable without compromise.

David Royer is one of an elite group of microphone designers who know that music and sound are inseparable from electronic design. Everything David designs comes from his deep, lifelong love of music. David is best known for his ribbon microphone designs with Royer Labs, which have won three TEC awards and a prestigious Technical Grammy Award.

Welcome.... to the Great Wide Open! 

"Those mics kick ass. I can now answer the repeating question on Gearslutz:
'If you only could have one mic, which one? The MA200. Great mics! And the MA-201fet is big and fat, and packs an extra midrange punch that sounds great on vocals, drums and guitars."

Michael Wagener, Engineer: Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Skid Row, Extreme, King's X

"Dudes, the MA 200 KILLED the M49's that Dave had thrown up for me as room mics. These mics are open, fat and clear -they are killing with NO eq ...."
Ross Hogarth, Producer/Engineer: Ziggy Marley,Jewel, Black Crowes, REM

"When tracking a new song with Atlantic recording artist Skillet, the Mojave MA-200 was the only choice for vocals. It was shot out against a good selection of the vintage regulars (C12, M249, U67...) and the Mojave stood out above the rest. It was articulate and had an outstanding presence. It will now always be one of the first mics I go for."
Davey Rieley, Engineer: Skillet, The Hives, Smashing Pumpkins

"The MA-200 instantly became an integral part of my drum sounds. From the moment I first
put a pair up, they have continued to impress me with a wide open and balanced sound. I've
tracked great sounding vocals, drums, guitars and bass through these mics, and my clients are
consistently blown away by the results."

Ryan Hewitt, Engineer/Mixer: Red Hot Chili Peppers, blink-182, Alkaline Trio

"Mojaves are incredible..... I'll be using them on everything!"
Frank Serafine, Sound Designer, Star Trek, Lawnmower Man, P.U.N.K.S.

"Goodness!  Your mic rules!  We just used the MA 200 on a Gibson J50 and had a U67 along side.  Your mic hands down blew the Neumann out of the water. Everyone at the session immediately noticed the presence and the natural sound the mic delivered - particularly it's clean, uncluttered high end."
David Bryson: Counting Crows

"Those two Mojave Audio mics that I purchased from you rock!  We've been using them ever since they showed up!"
Matt Wallace, Engineer: Queen, John Hiatt, Faith No More

"Man! I've done some very exhaustive testing between the Mojave and a Neuman TLM 149 (and some other mics including the AKG TLII and Rode NTK - though not in the same league) Holy Crap!  This mic rocks!  Geez, get me a pair and I'll lone one out to my engineer-producer friends - they'll be knocking down the doors!"
Mark Hollingsworth
Mark put the MA 200 through a variety of paces on windwoods. His discography is way too deep to list here, but includes work for producers Quincy Jones and David Foster, artists from Stevie Wonder to U2, and countless soundtracks and jingles.

"Those mics ROCK! I've tried them on Mandolin, Banjo, Bass, and vocal.... I LOVE THEM!!! I let our road manager/monitor guy take one to try and he wants a couple too! Thanks so much for your help and thanks for making a GREAT product!"
Stephen Mougin, Musician: Sam Bush Band, Hank Williams III

"I just purchased an MA-200, IT'S WONDERFUL!!!  I will use it in my voiceover studio - replacing an AKG 414B-ULS and a lot of processing."
Bob Wood, Voice-over Artist: Gilligan's Island, The Miracle of the Cards

"The MA 200 and 201 FET sounded clear and it took very little EQ to make it great...and it still had great detail on the quiet sections. For the Acoustic both mics gave me a good rock acoustic sound with a little compression after the fact."
Brandon Bell: Gary Pacsoza, Yo Yo Ma and friends

"The MA-200's) are GREAT!!!!! They came in either first or second next to the U99 on 4 different vocalists going up against the (boutique condenser microphone) and my Neumanns (170, 103, 87). Great value!"
Jeff Hodges: Producer Engineer - Man on Fire

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